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  • Hi from brissy

    Hi guys , thought I had better introduce my self.

    My names wayne and i'm a boilermaker from brisbane.

    I went to the adelaide blade show late last year and met some of the fantastic Australian custom makers out here. I picked up a nice piece of bohler N690 while I was there and almost finished 2 knives out of it so far.

    I'm starting a EERF grinder build at the moment , which has to be better than the 915mm multitool I use at the moment .

    Its funny to think that because of the adelaide show last year , I have met a few of you guys in person before on line ha

    Any way guys thats enough rambeling for me - wayne

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    Hi Wayne

    Welcome!! You will find a lot of very helpful people here and a lighthearted easy going forum.

    I am sure you will enjoy your time here.


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      Welcome to the forum Wayne
      Stewart Townsend
      Australian Knifemakers Guild

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        Welcome to the forum.
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          Thanks guys , blade community are the most easy going people I have ever met.


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            Welcome aboard Wayne...looking forward to seeing some photos of you work!

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              Gidday Wayne, welcome to the forum, from another Brisbanite.
              wave man AKA Dean
              my YouTube channel
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                Nice work Wayne. We're getting quite a little Brisbane community going on in these forums!
                Nothing but a knife, a flint and a water bottle...