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  • Hi from Viet Nam

    Home is on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, but I spend much of my time in Vietnam - its cheap living. My interests are collecting pocket knives and folding knives, military folding knives - especially with an Australian connection, and anything else that looks interesting. I was most pleased to see the creation of the Military forum, and I hope that eventually there will be an 'antique collectors' forum that can be the primary point of communication between Australian collectors of antique cutlery.

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    Re: Hi from Viet Nam

    Welcome to tbe forum.
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      Re: Hi from Viet Nam

      Hi Loada

      Welcome to the ABF.

      Its great to have someone with your knowledge on the forum. I am sure you can help out a lot of members with their questions on Clasp knives.


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        Re: Hi from Viet Nam

        G'day Loada, do you have any clasps there or are they all back here? about a few photos mate? Like bees to the honey pot we're all congregating here..should be lots of fun sharing all our combined info's.. :thumbup:


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          Re: Hi from Viet Nam

          Nice to see you here Lawrie.