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  • Hello from Holland

    Hi Guys,

    My real name is Robert and i live far away in the Netherlands, or Holland as many like to call it.

    I use & collect what i think are quality knives (be it vintage or modern) and i also like to sharpen a knife now & then.

    In October/November 2011 me and my girl did a campervan tour along the Australian Eastcoast.
    Visited friends in Brisbane (hello Nick) and family in Melbourne, and we hope to come back when time & money permits.

    Oh, and i also run the Dutch Knife forum.

    All the best from a rather cold & wet country,


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    Hey Robert, welcome along mate...

    Must've been a shock to return home to the cold from your holiday in Oz!

    Would love to see some pics of your knife collection when you can...

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      Welcome to the forum mate. Please post pics of your collection, always interesting to see the European blade ware
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        Good Luck getting photos of his whole collection I always ask. All I know is its huge! He is a great guy and he is modest! Robert has a huge amount of knife knowledge and its funny to see his name in pink!

        Welcome my friend!
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          Welcome Kwakster

          Make yourself at home.

          We try and make this a friendly place.


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            Welcome to the forum.
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              Gidday Robert, welcome to the forum
              wave man AKA Dean
              my YouTube channel
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                Welcome Robert!
                Nothing but a knife, a flint and a water bottle...