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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Craig Bryant,I have been making knives for around 3 years, my interest began when I was researching how to import a knife from the states and stumbled upon the Australasian Knife collectors and in turn, the custom knife world opened it doors.... I haven't slept since.
    As a whole I have learnt most of my skills from reading books as well as various internet sources however, last year I signed up as member of the Australian Knife Makers Guild and as consequence i was invited to a knife making workshop at Adam Parkers, this was an invaluable experience!
    The tools I have used up until now have been basic, a multitool belt grinder, drill press and hand tools however, after the knife making workshop at Adams and advice from many I finally saved my pennies and purchased a 72 x 2 inch belt grinder from Hardy Wangerman and have never looked back.
    The skills,sense of acheichmant and people I've met along the way are what keep me going, Thanks to all.
    I practice both stock removal and forging to produce my tools.
    heres a couple of pics of some old stuff i have created (all before my new grinder)

    Hunter/skinner L6 wip Stock removal

    Hunter/skinner cont.

    Hunter/skinner cont L6 Myrtle burl handles nickel silver fittings

    A couple of forged ones
    Forged from a file, myrtle burl, nickel silver

    Thanks for taking the time to view my post, I look forward to the interaction.
    Melbourne knife show 5 more sleeps

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    Welcome to the forum mate...some quality work there utilising just your basic gear!

    Can't wait to see what you produce now with the new grinder...

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      They look good to me, nice work.
      You will enjoy the new grinder, a bit more forgiving than the multitool


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        Welcome along Craig,

        Nice work there. Looking forward to the Show also.

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          Hi mate, welcome. Thats some nice work there I have to get myself some of that handle material its bloody brilliant!



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            Welcome to the forum.
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              Originally posted by gajinoz View Post
              Welcome to the forum.
              Good to see some of your work Craig - and to know we played a small part in where you are today with your knifemaking. Love it!


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                Thank you all for your kind words, and a big thanks to you Joan, I know both yourself and the rest of your team are always busy but you have always had time to point me in the right direction when I've asked.


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                  Nice work Craig. Will you have some on display at the Melbourne show ?
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                    See you in Melbourne then.
                    Stewart Townsend
                    Australian Knifemakers Guild


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                      Craig, have a look up in the very top right corner of the forum page, you will see a link called "Notifications" next to your name. Click on that and you will see you have a message (PM) from me.
                      Quantum physics is a bit of a passion of mine. It's extraordinary. There's a branch of mathematics that is based on lunacy, and that's wonderful.

                      - Bob Hoskins -
                      bibo et lego et cogito ergo sum


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                        Beautiful knives. I like that quilla table you have.

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                          Hi mattblack,

                          Unfortunately i will not have a table at the show, been a busy year. Time to get my priorities in check eh! Hopefully Adelaide.


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                            Gidday Craig, welcome to the forum. Very nice knives you made there.
                            wave man AKA Dean
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                              Nice work Craig. Great introduction. Thanks for sharing.
                              Nothing but a knife, a flint and a water bottle...