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G'day all.

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  • G'day all.

    Hi forum members,
    I just noticed this section and thought i best introduce myself.

    Been interested in knives from an early age and started buying knives from Aussie Disposals and Kmart in my early teens. (anyone remember "the black eagle?")

    Got into mainly Spyderco's and similar quality knives in my early twenties, then kind of lost interest for fifteen-twenty years.

    Somehow, recently became interested in the hobby again, and made the mistake of getting on blade forums and looking at knife reviews on youtube etc..

    While I'm sure many have a similar story, i once thought Spyderco and the like was as good as it gets, but OH NO!!. Now i find myself coming up with another reason why i need one more Strider or Chris Reeve or Emerson or...........GULP!

    Anyway, enjoying my newly rediscovered hobby and look forward to being part of a community with fellow knife enthusiasts.

    Cheers Rob.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Wait till you discover customs knives ..................................
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      Welcome Along Rob,

      You going to the Show this weekend?
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        Customs..... what are they?

        Hi Matt, hope to be going on Sat morn(if i can find a babysitter)

        Not sure taking a six and seven year old along will work.


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          Once knives are in the blood they stay there!
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            Looking forward to seeing some pics of your collection mate...

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              This is a great place to spurn your hobby mate. Welcome.
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                Welcome mate.

                God sat back and said,Pauls,what is the meaning of life bloke?


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                  welcome to the forum rob we know your story all to well
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                    Hi Rob,
                    I feel like I know you already .

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                      Originally posted by KnifeKnut View Post
                      Hi Rob,
                      I feel like I know you already .

                      Why do i have the same feeling.


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                        Gidday Rob, welcome to the forum.
                        wave man AKA Dean
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                          Thanks all for your welcomes.

                          I'll get around to putting up some picks soon.


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                            Originally posted by damien View Post
                            welcome to the forum paul we know your story all to well
                            Did i miss something or has TiNi been telling stories about me again?

                            God sat back and said,Pauls,what is the meaning of life bloke?


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                              opps i fixed that up. He has paul there in the HTC
                              i eat carbon fibre