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Hi, new to knives and also a quick question.

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  • Hi, new to knives and also a quick question.

    Hi, my name is Jim and from Rockhampton Queensland.

    A friend of mine has recently started me into knives discussing various knives and teaching me about quality in steel. I don't know why I like them, I did as a kid and just do, I tend to be more interested in folding knives and where the issues began.

    I ordered a couple of cheap folders through Ebay and ended up receiving a dirty letter from Customs. It took me a while for someone to respond from customs and finally I spoke to someone who gave me advice why this particular knife was not allowed. I am not knew at understanding legislation so I read and reviewed the knife I purchased and understood why they may have seized that particular knife. I then explained to customs that I had ordered two knives previously before their letter and I did not believe they met their definition of a single handed opening knife. (They indicated they would inspect the knives and seize them if necessary and said not to worry as they were aware people made errors) However six weeks on and the other two knives have not arrived nor have any letters from customs. I have no interest in trying to avoid customs or receive anything illegal and happy to say goodbye to the knives. (I will purchase in Australia from now on and have no intention of breaking any laws)

    But the question is has anyone else heard of customs seizing knives and not contacting the receiver? I find this strange that I would not receive another letter or worse case them at least investigating an offence? I find it hard to believe that both knives are lost seeing all other crap I have ordered from ebay tends to find me.

    Anyway a lesson for a knew collector.

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    Hey mate, welcome to the forum...many have had similar experiences...some light reading on the subject here...

    It's only the inconsistencies that are consistent!

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      Welcome to the forum Jim. We all suffer the same unexplainable addiction, so you're in good company .

      As for seized knives without a notice, that is certainly out of the ordinary. If you have a tracking number, it may be worthwhile starting a "missing item" enquiry, otherwise, it may just be a case of "lost in the mail". It's amazing how often this happens to knives if sent without a tracking number, to the point that even in Australia, we only send Express or Registered, and for the more expensive purchases Platinum.

      Feel free to post your story and any follow-up in the "December 14 thread" that EDC mentioned. Light reading it isn't , but if you have an hour or two to kill, it's certainly educational, tragic and sometimes entertaining.

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        Originally posted by KnifeKnut View Post
        Light reading it isn't...
        Yeah sorry mate...that was a bit tongue in cheek...

        Weapon - Intent = Tool!
        Tool + Stupidity = Legislation!


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          Thanks Guys, I will have a read. I will also let you know how it pans out.


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            mate for future purchases try an importer to get the knives in, its a lot safer for the wallet!

            one of the best for service and price is Ron (a member here too) at , drop him an email with what you want and he'll let you know if its kosher!


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              Hi Rocky,
              Sorry to hear that mate. Yes it is one of the great joys of an Aussie collector. You get to know customs very well.

              I hope you receive them & good luck...oh...and WELCOME TO ABF!
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                Welcome to the forum, and the "joys" of dealing with Customs!

                As others have said, get your gear from good Oz dealers, you will find several have a presence right here on the forum.
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                  Thankyou everyone for the welcome and advice. Looking forward to ABF discussion.


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                    Gidday Jim, welcome to the forum. Customs seems to be a little hit and miss, glad you have learnt your lesson tho. Try Urban Conquest, good solid Aussie retailer that won't rip you on price.
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