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    Hello, My name is David I am an expat from USA. I am also a recoverering "gun wacko" who is now looking for a new direction for my obesessive compulsive behavior.
    This new edge fascintion started with me looking for a hatchet. I found something I had never heard of a "chopper". With investagation I found myself learning of different metals, heat tratments and grinds.
    I am now about 2 months into to this and have plans for about 6 or 7 knives. A few days ago I bought a EESE 5. It took me a few weeks to choose between the ESEE 5 and a Becker BK2. The next knife will probably be a large blade, 9+. I bet that might also take I ramblaling.
    My kids dont know and my wife dont care. It is good to have a forum with like minded people. See ya around, David

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    Welcome along David,

    YOu have arrived at the right place! Enjoy.

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      Welcome to the forum.
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        Welcome David.


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          Welcome aboard mate!

          You're certainly off to a good start...the Esee 5 is a great knife...and so is the BK2...

          You'll know when you're completely hooked'll be buying both! lol

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            Welcome David, you'll find everyone very helpful and willing to share.


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              Welcome David! Plenty of great choppers on the market at the moment mate, and you'll love it here at ABF!
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                Welcome bloke.

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                  Welcome to the forum David.

                  If you're looking for a large 10" chopper, you really can't go past Competition Choppers (made for and approved by Blade Sport International). These are specifically made to chop through 4"x2" as well as hanging rope, cut the tops of "bendy straws" etc and do it all again without any damage or fatigue. Browning makes a very good, economical example at about $160 (Urban Conquest has one in stock) or if you really want something special, get one of our competitors/makers to make you one in CPM M4 - you won't regret it!

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                    Gidday David, welcome to the forum
                    wave man AKA Dean
                    my YouTube channel
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                      Welcome to the forum David.