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Hello fron N.H. USA

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  • Hello fron N.H. USA

    Hello to all from snow bound NH.
    Hope a few of my Ozzie mates made it to this site.
    Be Well!
    Larry Vickery

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    Re: Hello fron N.H. USA

    Welcome to the forum.
    Quantum physics is a bit of a passion of mine. It's extraordinary. There's a branch of mathematics that is based on lunacy, and that's wonderful.

    - Bob Hoskins -
    bibo et lego et cogito ergo sum


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      Re: Hello fron N.H. USA

      Welcome Larry

      Great to see you here.

      We are getting quite a little community here.

      Great place to learn more about your particular knife passion. Or in your case learn from.


      Australian Military Knives

      "Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws."
      Plato (427-347 BC)

      "In politics stupidity is not a handicap."
      Napoleon Bonaparte

      "The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern: every class is unfit to govern."
      Lord Acton (1834–1902)

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        Re: Hello fron N.H. USA

        Welcome Mr Vickery


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          Re: Hello fron N.H. USA

          Thanks all!
          Please just call me Larry.. My father was a "Mr." :P


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            Re: Hello fron N.H. USA

            G'day Larry..of all the Gin Joints in all the world...fancy meeting you in this one mate..
            Larry hails from New Hamshire which would have to be considered the most enlightened knife State in the U.S. with their new Legislation on knife carry/possession/ownership....why dont one of our Federal Politicians call in to New Hamshire on their next overseas junket and acquant themselves on responsible/liberal knife ownership laws...may be a vote in it for them as well.....from all Australian edged item appreciators...
            Hope you're armed with your most comprehensive Schrade data/info...come and post a few syllables in the Schrade Sub-Forum...Welcome & Hoo Roo ,Larry303.


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              Re: Hello fron N.H. USA

              Welcome Larry

              Wish our politicians thought the same way about knives as they do in NH - you lucky b____!
              Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want