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Greetings from the Midwest

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  • Greetings from the Midwest

    Hello ABF,

    I'm a regular on BFC and thought I'd register here as well. I'm from the Midwest part of the USA.

    Some of my hobbies include fishing, hiking and practicing woods skills. I really enjoy exploring backwoods areas (especially during winter with snowpack) and the peace and solitude it offers.

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    Welcome. Sounds like you enjoy the good things in life.

    I recently got back from visiting friends in Las Vegas, and travelling through Utah. Does that count as the midwest?
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      Hi jt75,

      That would be considered out west. Nevada and Utah are beautiful areas. I have camped and hiked not far outside Las Vegas on Mt Charleston. As much as I enjoyed the Las Vegas experience, I was itching to drive outside it to explore the wilderness areas. They did not disappoint!
      It's very flat and boring where I reside but I make the best of it.


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        Welcome to aboard mate.
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          Welcome to the ABF. Hope you enjoy it here.


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            Hi mate - welcome to ABF.
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              Thanks for the warm welcome and big thanks to KnifeKnut for selling me his HG 55 LE


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                Gidday LMT66, welcome to the forum
                wave man AKA Dean
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