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Hello From Tennessee USA!

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  • Hello From Tennessee USA!

    Larry303 suggested I drop in for a visit, so if you have complaints about my behavior, address them to him. And what is this about language choices? British English? I don't speak British! Can I get a British/Tennessee translator program on here? Larry has worked for years to teach me Aussie English but I am afraid my vocabulary is still quite limited.

    So anyway, I note that there are several familiar names on here. Does anyone collect Schrade knives? Gold Schrade knives? :P And are there any spare dash clocks out there for my 1963 Falcon?


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    Re: Hello From Tennessee USA!

    I can translate Tennessee to English. The next step we will need help with.


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      Re: Hello From Tennessee USA!

      Welcome Codger_64. I'm sorry but you 'll have to take responsibility for your own behavior, but Australians are pretty laid back about that sort of thing.
      We don't speak British either, most of us have been bought up on at least 20 years of American Television programs, we understand you better than you understand us.
      In any case I'm fluent in Kentucky that pretty close to Tennessee, I'll translate for you.


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        Re: Hello From Tennessee USA!

        ...ya'll just come down here and sit awhile ya hear?........
        They still havnt got over that war of Northern Aggression they still talk 'bout! they take awhile to forgive and forget!
        Huge Aussie welcome to you both....I suspect another Tennessee Hillbilly is about to join us as well..Ikedoc...
        With Codgers' and LRV's, intimate Schrade knowledge I am certain there will be no question put to these two highly knowledgeable gents by Aussie Schrade collectors that they will not be able to field....definately dont ask Codger about Civil War swords and knives still being claimed to be found to this day, stuck in trees in the back woods where originally thrown by some can ask him about his Genuinnne Roo 'Ball Bag' he carries his loose change in..he's so proud of it's size you would think it had been removed from him.......
        I have invited many Aussie Schrade collectors to join they will
        Enjoy yourselves, mates. Welcome... Hoo Roo


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          Re: Hello From Tennessee USA!

          The bloody place is being invaded.

          Welcome to the forum.
          Quantum physics is a bit of a passion of mine. It's extraordinary. There's a branch of mathematics that is based on lunacy, and that's wonderful.

          - Bob Hoskins -
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            Re: Hello From Tennessee USA!

            "Oh say can you see, the stars in the sky...something something something".
            Welcome to the family...have a nice day!


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              Re: Hello From Tennessee USA!

              Originally posted by knife_lover
              "Oh say can you see, the stars in the sky...something something something".
              Welcome to the family...have a nice day!
              Ooops!! Careful Knifey!

              You might start a blue here!!

              "God Save the South" might be more appropriate for these here "Good Ol Boys" from the South!!

              Welcome Y'all.

              Y'all have a good time now.


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