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    Hey folks.
    Iv been into straight razors for a number of years now and have been wanting to try and make one for some time. I have secured a motor and speed control with intent to make a KMG clone. I currently use a belt sander upside down in a vice for what I need. Cant wait to have the grinder. I have my two brothers who are engineers at a tractor engineering company designing it and will hopefully build it in the not to distant future.
    I love working with my hands and look forward to having a go at making kitchen knives and much more.
    I have lots of questions about where to get contact wheels from and where to get heat treating done, and how to figure out what steel to use for what, and many many more. Cant wait to start down this path. I look forward to enjoying this forum

    All the best.


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    Welcome, Simon. Sounds like your in the exact right place.


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      Onya - and best of luck with this - full height hollow grinds aren't the easiest things to do by hand and maybe a jig should be one of your options. I know there's a hollow grind jig for the RadiusMaster but not sure if there's one for the KMG.

      I gather you've already discovered
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        Gidday Simon, welcome to the forum
        wave man AKA Dean
        my YouTube channel
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          Welcome Simon. Thanks for introducing yourself mate!
          Nothing but a knife, a flint and a water bottle...


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            G'day Buckler

            Razors eh!

            I know people that collect them.

            Good luck with making them.

            I am sure you will get lots of help and encouragement from the members here.


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