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  • Aloha.

    Hello all.

    I have a (very) modest collection of folding knives (enough for non-enthusiasts to ask "why do you have so many knives?"), a hobby I've inherited from my father whose collection is not so modest.

    I discovered this site after googling "Benchmade 581." It linked me to the EXCHANGE forum where I learned that someone had sold their last one 2 days prior!! I was marginally devastated having only recently learned about the tightened importation laws.

    I've since spent the last week or so familiarising myself with the forum as a whole (lurking?) and I must say WOW. I knew nothing of the AKG or of custom knife making before but I'm excited to
    branch out from the Kershaws, Pumas and Spydercos. I thought it polite to introduce myself before I go snapping up all those beauties on the EXCHANGE!


    P.S. My nickname (the dead man's hand) was NOT supposed to have a lower-case "p" at the end of it. Damn touch screens. Subsequently my name looks like it's poking its tongue out.

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    Welcome Julian,

    A very amusing first post. I'll think you'll fit in just fine here.
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      Welcome to the forum Julian,
      Funny post ,I thought maybe you had a lispp.
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        Hi Julian, welcome to the forum and the "knife community".

        If you want your user name fixed up, send a PM to Gajinoz - he should be able to fix it for you.

        Now go and snap up some shiny, sharp things in the Exchange before you miss out again

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          Hi Julian really good comment. I like this field as well and learn a lot from here. some beautiful stuff and articles.


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            Здравствуйте ( russian for hello )
            환영 ( welcome in korean )


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              Welcome Julian

              Don't worry, twisted senses of humour seem to abound here.

              Hope you enjoy yourself!!


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                Gidday Julian, welcome to the forum. Contact the admin and see if you can get your user name changed, they may do it for you.
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                  Originally posted by wave man View Post
                  Gidday Julian, welcome to the forum. Contact the admin and see if you can get your user name changed, they may do it for you.
                  Except that you have to do it between the hours of 9.00 am and 9.05 am - when we're not in the Pub.

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                    Cant wait to see your collection?
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                      Welcome Julian! Enjoy ABF!
                      Nothing but a knife, a flint and a water bottle...


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                        Thank you all.

                        I'll get some photos up in the next couple weeks. The keys to the safe are presently somewhere in the Simpson desert.

                        As for the name, maybe I'll just leave it as a constant reminder to be more careful!