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    Hi guys my name is Billy,
    I have been coming to this site for some time and always wanted to join and contribute, so finally i can.
    I bought my first knife 4 months ago and at the moment, I have 10 knives with varying styles from the Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Scout to the Cold Steel Outdoorsman Lite and the CRKT Triumph,and I have more on the way .

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    Welcome to the forum


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      Welcome to the forum.
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        Welcome, 4 months 10 knives that will work out to 30 a year .Watchout knives suck you in.
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          Originally posted by Knife mad View Post
          Welcome, 4 months 10 knives that will work out to 30 a year .Watchout knives suck you in.
          Well, close, but your maths wrong. From our experience we can safely say there is some sort of exponential curve, so while it may be 5:2 at the moment, it would be safe to say that by the second lot of four months it may have increased to 3:1, and then by the last four months of the year, 4:1. That means 10+12+16, or 38 knives in his first year. Assuming this trend continues, in his second year of knifemania, it will have expanded to 136 knives per year. His condition will continue to worsen into the third year, during which time he expect symptoms to start showing, such as loss of wife or girlfriend, pet dying of starvation and isolation from the outside world.

          Im afraid theres nothing we can do for him...

          Except accept him into the asylum!

          Muahahah. Welcome. Youll like it here.


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            Welcome mate and Griskard is dead right.LOL.

            God sat back and said,Pauls,what is the meaning of life bloke?


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              There will of course be other side affects ,such as loss of hair from forearms ,strips or curls of paper littering every room ,the need to buy a bigger house or at least put on an extension and weight loss around the back pocket region.
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                Welcome. You can also expect the price of each knife to rise as time goes by. Marvellous hobby.


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                  Gidday Billy, welcome to the forum
                  wave man AKA Dean
                  my YouTube channel
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                    Welcome aboard
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                    One knife.
                    Two knives.
                    The plural possessive is knives'.


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                      Welcome aboard's all downhill from here...

                      Weapon - Intent = Tool!
                      Tool + Stupidity = Legislation!


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                        Welcome to the Forum

                        How about some images of the knives!!


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                          Thanks guys, very warm welcome, much appreciated.

                          I am in the process of getting a decent camera to take good (not great) pics to share with you guys.
                          Also I got my first real cut with with one of my knives and for a while i was thinking its not that great and it was the Cold Steel Kudu ,
                          It sliced a part of the tip of my thumb strait off no real resistance and no pain (until much later),
                          and guess what, I was doing a paper cut test with a new Kudu i got for my bro, He really understands the cutting power even cheap knives can have.


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                            welcome along


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                              Welcome Bill! Enjoy the forum mate.
                              Nothing but a knife, a flint and a water bottle...