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  • Greetings

    Sung to the tune of my favourite things:

    Flippers on folders and razor sharp edges
    Bright silver Bowies and Besh neck-knife swedges
    Overseas packages tied up with strings
    These are a few of my favourite things

    Aussie made customs and World War 2 trench knives
    Cold Steel and Ka Bar and tools that help save lives
    Balisong fighters with handles that swing
    These are a few of my favourite things

    Learning to make knives and good eye protection
    Adding a knife to my growing collection
    Knocking up knives out of files and car springs
    These are a few of my favourite things

    When the edge bites
    When the cut stings
    When I'm feeling sad
    I simply remember my favourite things
    And then I don't feel so bad.

    Cheers :lol:

    Sword of God

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    Re: Greetings

    Well, that would be about the most interesting intro I think I've seen!

    Welcome to the forum.
    Quantum physics is a bit of a passion of mine. It's extraordinary. There's a branch of mathematics that is based on lunacy, and that's wonderful.

    - Bob Hoskins -
    bibo et lego et cogito ergo sum


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      Re: Greetings

      Thank you. Nice to be here and look forward to learning / sharing experiences with everyone.



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        Re: Greetings

        Nice intro! If I may ask, how long did it take for you to write it up?

        Pretty sure you're in good company here, so welcome to ABF!


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          Re: Greetings

          Very clever! Welcome to ABF....its airconditioned inside


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            Re: Greetings

            Bravo, well done - that actually scans a lot better than many re-write attempts I've seen
            Good to meet you :thumbup: