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  • Hello

    Hello guys.
    I'm a hobbist blacksmith from Transylvania. I mainly forge knives and swords.
    I'm really glad i found this forum!
    Szilard Csizmar "hellize"

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    Hello back and welcome....We would love to see some of your work,,,



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      Hey mate good to hear your joining. welcome
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        Wow, Transylvania...Romania is such a beautiful country...which region are you in?

        Welcome to the forum mate...

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          Welcome to the forum. It's great to see more and more international members here.
          Australian Knife Magazine


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            Hi Hellize

            Welcome to the forum.

            Looking forward to seeing some of your work!!


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              Gidday Helize, welcome to the forum
              wave man AKA Dean
              my YouTube channel
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                Thanks for the warm welcome!
                Well, I'm surprised you even know about Romania. I live in Harghita county. It's basically one big mountain in the middle of the Carpathians.
                Here you can check out most of my steel creations:
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                Szilard Csizmar "hellize"


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                  Romania is one of my favourite places in the whole world... beautiful countryside, wonderful people, great food, rich history. It's where I go to "drop off the grid" down in Giurgiu county. Would like to spend more time in the mountains... I've flown over them many times but only been as far as Sinaia.

                  That padlock is VERY cool... have you thought of exhibiting at any of the medieval festivals, like the one just gone in Sighişoara?


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                    Yes, I had a few similar thoughts, but I never have enough stuff for exhibition. I can't go there with just one padlock and two blacksmith's knives
                    Szilard Csizmar "hellize"


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                      Welcome Hellize!
                      "Collecting is the sort of thing that creeps up on you..." - Paul Mellon


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                        Originally posted by knives2survive View Post
                        Welcome Hellize!
                        Thanks, it's nice to be here.
                        Szilard Csizmar "hellize"