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    Hi everyone ,

    Thought i would do the right thing and introduce myself , I have always had a love of Blades , a small collection of antique folders and knives i have collected since childhood . I have always admired the art of forging a blade or even just grinding one out . After years of being overwhelmed by the task i came to realize after reading and watching some tutorials i want to make a custom knife and nothing will stop me . It must be in my blood as my great grandfather was a blacksmith as was his brother , unfortunately i never meet him as he passed away the year of my birth 1974 . So now it is my turn and really i have very little practical knowledge , I have already picked up some great hints and advice from lurking the threads for the past couple of days .

    I have some templates ready for 1084 that will be arriving soon , tools at the ready and a enthusiasm i haven't had in years . So will start small with a small drop point full tang bushcraft blade , i also have a Karesuando Knife Kit that was given to me for my birthday from a very understanding wife who is so supportive of my hobbies , Funnily enough she was the one who pushed me to finally jump in and make my own .

    Feel like i'm rambling on , was just meant to say hi . Well finally i am so glad that i have found this forum and everyone seems so helpful and understanding of beginners , i look forward to learning many things and asking for help .

    Have a great day

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    Welcome to the forum Kyron. Good on ya for taking the plunge, I think that's the hardest part of making a knife - starting. So if you get over that hurdle, the rest will just fall into place. If you do have problems, this place is full of experienced craftspeople always happy to help (as you already know).
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      Welcome kyron. As KK has said, the biggest thing is taking the plunge! Plenty of us in the same boat and everybody willing to help.


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        Welcome to the Forum mate.lots of good people here to help.

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          Thank you for the welcome


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            G'day Kyron


            You weren't rambling!!

            I think you will fit in just fine around here!!


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              hey mate welcome to the forum, i look forward to seeing your first knife, good luck.


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                That enthusiasm is what is in all of us knife makers, its great to see. All of us will be here to help you through the best and worse of starting.
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                  Gidday Kyron, welcome to the forum
                  wave man AKA Dean
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                    Welcome Kyron. Good on you for having a solid go at making a blade!
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