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  • Howdy

    I've been a member of for a while now and just stumbled upon this, the Australian version! I have a deep interested in axes and axe history. I'm looking forward to learning more about Australian axes and axe use. Is there an axe specific forum?


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    Welcome to the forum.

    There is no specific axe related forum however this guy is heavily into them and he has his own subforum here.
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      Hey there nick, welcome to the forum. Im not sure if there is specific forum for axes but there are plenty of folks on this forum that share your interest, on the main page if you scroll down to the bottom somewhere you will find a members page called Axeoexa ( i think thats right) I can't remember the fellas name but he has a great wealth of knowledge of axes big and small, far and wide as well as being a gentleman to boot. He also has a great website under the same name, I'm sure there would be a link from his page on this forum.
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      Regards Craig Bryant


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        You beat me to it Gaj, we must have been sending at the same time, good morning! have a nice day


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          Hey Nick, welcome to your new home!
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            Welcome Nick


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              Gidday Nick, welcome to the forum
              wave man AKA Dean
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                Welcome Nick

                I am sure you will enjoy yourself here.

                How about putting some images of your collection up in the Gallery!!

                Regards Dutchy

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                  Welcom Nick! Great to have you here mate.
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