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G'day from North Eastern Victoria

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  • G'day from North Eastern Victoria

    G'day everyone, my names Rick, and yes that IS me in the avatar pic. I am a novice axeman and sawyer, I am hoping to this year actually step into the arena for the first time as a competitor, that if I can get some practice logs, thats the difficult bit. I am also an avid axe and hand tool collector. Some of the stuff I have is:

    1 x adze (brand unkown)
    1 x scythe (brand unknown)
    3 x Tuatahi Racing axes (New Zealand)
    1 x Keesteel Racing Axe
    1 x Aussie Speed Axe
    1 x Hytest Black Axe
    1 x Dandenong Kelly
    1 x True Blue Racer
    2 x Plumb
    1 x Austo's Stewart Racing Axe
    some mixture of 40 odd sharpening stones and hone stones.

    Im always on the look for more (obviosly!) and also looking to expand the collection with broad axes, morticing axes and the like.

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    Welcome Rick

    Another Axe Collector!!!!!

    I can see an Axe Collecting Sub Forum before much longer!!

    How about putting some images up in the Gallery. Lets see what you collect!!


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      Welcome to the forum. More Victorians the better! ;-)
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        Gidday Rick, welcome to the forum.
        wave man AKA Dean
        my YouTube channel
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          Thanx everyone, once I have reached the required amount of posts I shall stick up some pics for y'all!


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            Another North-Easter

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              Welcome mate


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                Thanks for the welcome, glad to see another North Easter here also! Ill get some pics up soon hopefully


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                  Welcome, look forward to seeing your axes, I love true working tools.


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                    me also, cant wait to build the collection!