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    Hey there. I have been a knife enthusiast since I got my first pocketknife as a boy. I have been training in various martial arts, both eastern and western, fir nany years.
    I currently train in Renaissance rapier fencing and medieval swordzand longsword.
    I have tried my hand at knife making, and made a lot of training weapons, especially in timber. I just don't have a workshop or shed at the moment.

    I am currently looking for a Spanish navaja. Last weekend u held a Cold Steel x2 voyager, but they 're apparently discontinued from years ago. I am considering the CS espada (medium as the others are just too big).
    The other option is making my own, if only I could find the hardware such as springs, levers, rivets and screws etc!

    Knives in my collection include:
    CS recon tanto (carbon V), a Buffalo River toothpick, a couple of Kizlyar (Strazh and Vityaz), a Benchmade rescue hook for climbing, and my favourite and EDC is a S&W tactical folder tanto.


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    Hi Tengu

    Welcome to the forum.

    You have certainly come to the right place if you want to get in to knife making. The skills of many of the members here are awesome and they are very willing to assist newbies.

    Don't be backward about showing us the knives in your collection. Just go to the Gallery, there is a sub forum "Your Collection" just for people to show off their knives.

    Regards Dutchy

    Australian Military Knives

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      Welcome aboard
      Stewart Townsend
      Australian Knifemakers Guild

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      One knife.
      Two knives.
      The plural possessive is knives'.


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        Gidday James, welcome to the forum from another Brisbanite.
        wave man AKA Dean
        my YouTube channel
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