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  • Newbie from Queensland

    Hi all, just another new knife nut from Queensland, always liked knives, somehow got sucked into the knife world recently while researching for a gift for a friend. Now I have recently purchased a few new knives, very excited to be learning new things.

    Current knives that I own that are worthy of mention are
    Becker bk 16 and bk17 , Becker necker,
    Opinels in number 7 and 8
    Leatherman sidekick
    And have an izula 2 on the way

    Would love to continue to learn more from you guys, hopefully without too big of a hit to the wallet. Cheers

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    Its all downhill from here mate, if you now own more than 1 knife you are assured to own a crapload more joining ABF.

    Welcome and sucked in........


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      Welcome aboard, where about in Queensland are you?
      Stewart Townsend
      Australian Knifemakers Guild

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        I'm in Townsville usually, though work means I am currently in Darwin for the next few months,


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          Welcome aboard mate


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            Welcome to the forum. Nice to see you've included a couple of Opinels.

            Consider a #2, #6 and a #10 to round out your collection.

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              Welcome to the Forum mate.

              God sat back and said,Pauls,what is the meaning of life bloke?


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                Gidday Adri4n, welcome to the forum.
                wave man AKA Dean
                my YouTube channel
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                  Thanks for the welcome guys,

                  Regarding the opinels,I love their simplicity and I am quite happy with the no. 7 and no. 8 (have 2 8s , one in inox and the other in carbon steel)
                  The other models either seem too large or too small to me, I'll have a play around at the shop the next time I get the chance anyway.