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Hello from British Columbia, Canada

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  • Hello from British Columbia, Canada

    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Andrew and I am a Filipino-Canadian who traveled through your beautiful east coast of Australia during the beginning of the year 2012. My buddy and I made a series of YouTube videos from the start of the trip till the end for his channel. He mostly reviews what he and I call "adventure gear" and the links to his channel are down below:

    If I messed up the link please search for "The Mr. Boar Show" on google!

    It was my first trip by myself without my family and it was my buddy's dream to travel to Australia.
    We fell in love with your country. We would like to come back and muck around the more natural and wilder western coasts of Australia and finish seeing the rest of your awe-inspiring tropical continent.

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    Welcome to the forum.
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      Welcome, come back to Aussie you'll find it is not all Tropical .
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        Welcome to the forum. You know, we have a number of excellent ski resorts in the South Eastern Highlands!?
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          Gidday Andrew, welcome to the forum
          wave man AKA Dean
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