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I'm new here, From Yale, Michigan, USA

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  • I'm new here, From Yale, Michigan, USA

    Good eve Gents!
    Just found this site a short time ago. Hope to make a few new friends, and attend a knife show down under in the next year (it would likely pay for the trip!!)

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    Hi Michael

    Welcome to the forum.

    You will find this a pretty friendly place.

    Why don't you go to the gallery and show us some images of your work!

    Regards Dutchy

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      Hi there.
      Yale! It appears to be in another one of those places in the middle of nowhere. I certainly felt that way when I was in Oscoda a few times. I should imagine that skinning knives would be popular in your neck of the woods.
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        Hey Michael, welcome to the forum.
        Looking forward to seeing some of your work and hopefully catching up an next year's Show!
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          Welcome to the forum


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            Welcome to the forum.

            Just had a look at your place via satellite and did a bit of Google drive through it. Looks like a small town surrounded by small farms. Somewhat like my place only my town is much smaller and the farms are a lot bigger.
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              Welcome to the forum Michael.

              Nice to see someone from my old stalking grounds. I grew up in Shelby Township, Michigan and now live in Melbourne, Australia.

              Had friends that lived in Richmond (not too far from you) and we used to go rabbit/pheasant/quail hunting around the farms there.

              Hope you have a good time here. Just don't get offended by the occasional snarky sarcasm. It's an Australian custom and it means they like you.

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                Welcome Michael to the forums, I hope you enjoy it here...

                Just looked up Yale...looks like a nice place, and not far from Detroit "Rock City" !


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                  Gidday Michael, welcome to the forum
                  wave man AKA Dean
                  my YouTube channel
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                    Hi Mate,

                    i have had a few of your file knives over the years, high quality gear .

                    regards, Tim


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                      welcome aboard brother got any pics?
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                        Originally posted by trooperstealth View Post
                        welcome aboard brother got any pics?
                        I've put them in the 'Gallery'...