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Any help with licensing?

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  • Any help with licensing?

    So, I just joined this forum and am interested in purchasing a sword or two; possibly starting a collection.

    However, as I live in Victoria, all swords and most other weapons are prohibited... some are accepted as a tool, but not really the ones I'm interested in(eg, an axe is fine if you intend to cut wood with it; you don't need a licence as long as you're not carrying it in public, or doing anything threatening).

    That said, a sword is a weapon after all; there's no denying it and I got the impression from the Department of Justices' PDF that blunted blades are included. Besides, I'd far prefer to have a proper blade.

    Anyway, this brings me to the conundrum of licensing, which the government website wasn't very clear on, nor the Victoria Police one. Seems like a bit of a bureaucratic shambles to me, even though the laws were established about a decade ago.

    So if anyone knows how I go about getting a licence to collect swords(and other Prohibited weapons, excluding firearms) then let me know... I believe it requires a secure, locked cabinet for storage and a legitimate reason for taking them places(such as an official Kendo/Iaito club)? I also saw something indicating that such a clubs license could cover its members? If so, is this comprehensive or does it mean some sort of individual liability which would make it a good idea to have an individual permit reagardless?
    Not currently a member of anything, just trying to work things out.

    Also would be nice to know how much it costs and how long it lasts; got the impression it was somewhere in the range of $100-200 for 3 years...

    A lot of questions, I know, but it's not as if I haven't looked into it, and if I can't get this worked out then I probably won't have much reason to be on this forum at all, so it's necesary.

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    Hey KKid, welcome to the forum.

    There are a number of options available for collectors to legitimately purchase and own swords in Vic. However, as you are already aware, storage needs to be similar to firearms.

    The easiest and perhapse cheapest option is to join an approved club. I believe this is the list of currently approved clubs in Victoria:
    Antique & Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria
    Ararat Historical Arms Collectors Club
    Ballarat Arms and Militaria Collectors Society Inc.
    Golden City Collectors Association Inc. of Bendigo
    Northern Victorian Arms Collectors Guild
    Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Arms and Militaria Collectors Club
    Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Mildura Collector’s Guild

    The other two options are: Chief Commissioner's Approval or Governor in Council Exemption Order. Information on both can be found here

    Hope this helps,
    Australian Knife Magazine


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      Hey, Kknut, thanks for replying swiftly and supplying that list; much appreciated. I will look into those clubs, pronto.

      Also, not sure how I missed those Victoria Police links in my earlier investigations, but if there are legitimate collectors clubs which qualify ownership then I hopefully won't need to take that route.