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  • Hey Everyone

    G'day, my name is Callum and I'm from Tassie.
    I have been collecting knives for about six years now, I'm mainly into traditionals at the moment.
    I have been lurking here for a while and now that I have joined I'm looking forward to learning what I can from you guys.

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    Gday and welcome.
    I am a newbie here too.
    I am in Sydney.
    Nice population here, friendly and helpful.
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      Hey Cal. Welcome to ABF mate. Hope you enjoy your stay.


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        G'day Callum, welcome to the forum.


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          Welcome aboard.

          North Tasi or South Tasi?
          Stewart Townsend
          Australian Knifemakers Guild

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            Hi Calk

            Welcome to the forum!

            Lets see some of your collection in the Gallery!!

            We are all in to Knife Porn here!!


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              welcome mate


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                Thanks for the warm welcome guys, I know I'm going to enjoy it here.
                Stewart, I'm from the North, I live in Launceston.
                Dutchy, I'll get some pics up hopefully soon, but I don't have a camera, just my iPhone, so they won't be anything too special.


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                  Welcome Callum a nice friendly forum.
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                    Gidday Callum, welcome to the forum
                    wave man AKA Dean
                    my YouTube channel
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                      Cheers guys..
                      I'll let you know here when I finally get my act together and post some collection pictures.


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                        Just letting you know that I just posted a (terrible) picture of my collection of traditional knives in the Collection forum.