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Another Newby checking in.

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  • Another Newby checking in.

    G'day. Have joined just a couple of days ago after chancing on the site while looking for something else. Don't ask me what it was, when I found out that there was a forum for Australian Knife makers/users I got stuck here and forgot whatever it was that I was doing. I am near Rockhampton, Queensland. I have completed 2 x knives, both are rubbish. The first one was so bad that I now use it to cut lead and tin into pieces small enough to go into my melting pot (needs a little help from a 2kg club hammer to get through the bigger ingots).

    I was halfway through knife number three (a cooks knife for the missus) when I moved to Dysart, where I had no shed, and had to give up making anything for three years. I have left Dysart, and where I am living now have a shed so I will be getting back into it soon.

    I want to say a thank you to those who set this forum up. All the Yank forums might be OK to get some how-to from, but when it comes to getting materials, they are next to useless. I also want to say a thank you to those who are posting, both their finished knives and their how-to information. It gives me something to aim for and how to get there.

    This place is great.

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    Welcome mate. You'll find everyone really helpful


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      Welcome to the Forum

      I am sure you will learn plenty here.

      As a Non Knife making member here I never cease to be amazed at the high quality of the knives made by the members of this forum.

      You will get a lot of support from these members, they are a great bunch!

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        Welcome to the forum.
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          Welcome It is good to have another Qlder , I am not a knife maker but also really like this forum , the wonderful knives and skills being displayed here.
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            Welcome to the forum mate!
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              Welcome to Bladeforums Southern son, only new myself but made welcome the minute I introduced myself, lots of wonderful people and excellent advice here, look forward to seeing some of your posts


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                Welcome aboard.
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                  Thanks for the welcome, guys.


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                    Gidday Southern Son, welcome to the forum
                    wave man AKA Dean
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