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  • Hello from QLD

    Have already posted in a couple of areas so better do the formal intro.
    I have an interest in blades stemming back to my first up close look at a katana whilst martial arts training. Since thenI have grown to appreciate blades for both their artistic and practical elements even more.
    My hope is to soon try my hand at making a knife or two and figured joining a forum like this would give me access to years of experience in doing so. I also hope your combined wisdom will allow me to avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes faced by a total noob.
    Cheers in advance.

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    hey there and welcome


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      Welcome aboard
      Stewart Townsend
      Australian Knifemakers Guild

      The plural of knife is knives.
      One knife.
      Two knives.
      The plural possessive is knives'.


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        Gidday Angry, welcome to the forum
        wave man AKA Dean
        my YouTube channel
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          welcome mate


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            G'day bloke and welcome.

            God sat back and said,Pauls,what is the meaning of life bloke?


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              Welcome your right about years of experience! The guys will always be a helping hand when you need them.
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              Che Guevara

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                Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.