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  • Hello from Marybough Qld

    Hi all
    I have been wanting to get into bladesmithing for quite a few years now but never really be able to til now.
    I am in the process of making an adobe type charcoal forge which hopefully wont too much longer.
    I came across this forum and thought I would join so as to have someone to ask for help not if but when I run into problems.
    It also occured to me that maybe there was someone else in my neck of the woods to learn from.


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    Welcome aboard.

    Antonio is up that way but he doesn't forge, I would be the closest I think.
    Stewart Townsend
    Australian Knifemakers Guild

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      Hi Justin

      Welcome to the Forum

      I am sure you will get plenty of help here!!


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        Thanks guys
        I should have got into this earlier as I used to live in Caboolture but we moved up here in July


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          Stewart is right - I don't forge. Stewart lives in Burpengary. There are blacksmithing groups and TAFE's around that can help you get started but bladesmithing is a lot more specialised because of the heat treatment - especially when you get into the more exotic steels. Some of these books should help you on your way - but there's no substitute for learning direct from a bladesmith

          If Keith Fludder NSW) runs another hammer-in next year I highly recommend that you sign up for it.
          Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want


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            Gidday Justin, welcome to the forum
            wave man AKA Dean
            my YouTube channel
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              Welcome to the forum