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  • Hello All

    Hello All,

    So this is what composing an internet dating profile feels like... Not bloody likely!

    Well I like Guns, big and small, (bigger is definitely better, hence the user name), all things that go boom, political incorrectness and knives. The knife hobby/interest, now getting slightly out of hand, started from a young age hunting and fishing. From my first knife as a kid, (barlow, bought at the local barber shop), there's always been a need for one or two. Except that now, every purchase is recklessly gotten into head first, justified by convincing myself that another one will never again be put up for sale and since I need it, regardless of if I'll use it or not, it'll keep till the other one wears out. Since my purchases are now getting a helluva lot more expensive, there's no way they'll get used, so I'd better buy another as a user and keep the other nicer one as a safe queen. But wait, there's another newer, different model, for sale. So the cycle goes. Confused, yep. Sounds familiar, Yep. Fun, SHITYEAH!!! Don't think joining ABF is gonna help this problem somehow. Already off to a bad start...

    On a more serious note though, I'm also trying to replace some of my late fathers collection, which with the present state of our laws, seems like ABF might be a good place to look.

    Life's too short, so get out there and into it. Now where'd that beer go...

    Harry Callahan: Well, opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.

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    Welcome, you will find quite a few like minded people here.
    Oh I am not one of those people
    Inside every old man is a young man wondering what the hell happened.

    Pictures of knives I have made/worked on.


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      haha what a good read, welcome aboard.


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        Gidday H welcome to the forum
        wave man AKA Dean
        my YouTube channel
        "I will never make excuses for who I am. It's the way I was born. I am a Hunter a Bone Collector."
        "A gun, like any source of power is a force for either good or evil, being neither in itself, but dependent upon those who possess it"


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          Thanks all.
          Harry Callahan: Well, opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.


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            welcome m8
            Promoting excellence in Australian knife craftsmanship


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              Welcome to the forum

              There are no addicts here!!

              My wife thinks I'm an addict! But I know I can stop any time!!


              Australian Military Knives

              "Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws."
              Plato (427-347 BC)

              "In politics stupidity is not a handicap."
              Napoleon Bonaparte

              "The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern: every class is unfit to govern."
              Lord Acton (1834–1902)

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                I'm in denial welcome H