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  • G'day and introduction

    G’day all, I would like to introduce myself giving a little background about who I am and what I bring with me. Originally farm born and bred I natuarally developed a passion for outdoor pursuits which has led to a lifelong affliction to Deer hunting and tools of “the trade”.

    When I first started hunting in the mountains of Gippsland quite a few blokes in our crew had custom knives made by, Roger Keagle, an American Knifemaker living in Arawata. These were well made and unique. Unfortunately a dollar was worth significantly more then, than it is now and I could only admire. That was when I started my first knife in earnest. Many hacksaw blades, files and sandpapering later I had my very own “custom knife”. It didn’t rank as outstanding but it was mine and unique. I carried it for countless miles, eventually using my first knife to dress out my first Sambar deer with a great deal of pride.
    Later I attended some blade shows in Melbourne, around 1990 or thereabouts, and met some “real” knifemakers. Not only were these men fantastic craftsmen but they were extremely helpful and patient with budding novice makers like myself. Eventually, I bought a video tape (yes I said video) on knifemaking by John Jones. Later I met a maker, Wally Bidgood, who pointed me in the direction of D2 steel.

    Some time later I bought a DJ grinder at the Camberwell or exhibition building guild show. With buffer, drill press and a variety of hand tools. I was ready to go!
    The knives I have made have predominantly been hunting knives. These are usually drop points or trailing point hunters. These I refer to as quartering knives as they are generally used for gutting and quartering the deer in the field for the carry out. My hope is that these knives are reliable, give good service and can be handed down to their owners sons.

    Most of my blades have been flat ground with some hollow ground drop points. My inspiration for getting back into knifemaking is the enthusiasm shown by my 15 year old son,Tim. For a couple of years he has been unwavering in his interest and tinkering in my shed with whatever he can scrounge. I have joined this forum to keep up to date with the knife community and to stay abreast of current law and hopefully just share in the craft.

    Long winded, but, this is me. Thanks for the welcome to your forum.

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    G'day Greg and welcome mate.

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      Welcome Greg, You will find a lot of information here and the makers are very willing to pass on the knowledge

      Enjoy your stay here


      Oh if you make knives then pictures are a must
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      Pictures of knives I have made/worked on.


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        Welcome and enjoy your stay.


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          Originally posted by Tinbasher View Post
          Welcome Greg, You will find a lot of information here and the makers are very willing to pass on the knowledge

          Enjoy your stay here


          Oh if you make knives then pictures are a must
          What he said!!!

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            Welcome aboard.

            John Jones isn't making knives now buy Wally was at the last Adelaide show.

            here is a link to the thread

            Stewart Townsend
            Australian Knifemakers Guild


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              Glad to hear from another maker.
              Show us your knives.
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                This is definately the place for Aussie Knife Makers. Heaps of good information, great ideas, I just watched a video on how to etch a design on a blade WITHOUT an expensive etching kit and stensils.


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                  Welcome to the Forum mate!
                  The first rule you HAVE TO learn is 'Pics or it didn't happen!'


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                    Welcome mate!! You should post up some thoughts on the "what makes a good skinner " thread. I think Matt brook started it. I would be interested in what you prefer in a skinning knife as you have some experience by the sounds of things.

                    Jump in and post some pics!
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                      Welcome to the forum!! If only all parents were as understanding about this erm... hobby(coughobsessioncough) as you are.


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                        Welcome aboard. I love a custom drop point flat ground hunting knife (there's goats in them thar hills) and would love to see some of your work, so as the others have said, pics please.


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                          Gidday Greg, welcome to the forum
                          wave man AKA Dean
                          my YouTube channel
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