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Long lost knife returned

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  • Long lost knife returned

    G'day all
    Just joined today as I need some info from the knife people. Had a knife returned to me on Wednesday that I hadn't seen for nearly 20 years and thought lost.
    I did my apprenticeship as a motor mechanic in the bush and used to have to clean out vehicles that had been traded in. I found a knife and was told it was a Green River, never thought anymore about it untill yesterday and after cleaning it up a bit it actually doesn't say Green River. It has the word Gregory and a date above " Made In Australia ".
    Anyone here have any ideas? I can't find anything about Gregory knives apart from an industrial blade maker and my email bounces back when trying to contact them.
    The item has a 7" long blade that is quite swept back and from experience I had helping my father kill our own meat I think it is a skinning knife.
    It is extremely sharp and some slight pitting from rust.

    Any help greatly appreciated
    Wild Dog

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    Hi Wild Dog

    Welcome to the forum.

    I have made a copy of your post in the General Discussion sub forum where members can answer your question.

    Regards Dutchy
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