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    Hi all, a quick note to introduce myself.
    I'm a city slicker now, have been for about 20 years, but still a bushy at heart. spent from 12 yrs of age to 30 yrs between Alice, the Isa, Katherine, Darwin, and points between. Did heaps of bushwalking, around Alice and Katherine/Roper region. Then moved to the big smoke, met my wife, settled down, family....yada yada yada.
    Still go bush whenever I can, although I carry my gear in the fourby now instead of a backpack...( No Dear, I said I was going camping....not Roughing it!). 50 yr old hips don't carry as well as they used to.

    30 years ago up north, I carried two knives, and still have one of them. I had a plain steel Green River boning knife, had a sheath made for it with a steel and two pouches on it. That disappeared one day during a house move! Shame, it was a great blade.

    Second, and still here with me now is my 3" Blade Opinel F
    older. Wooden Handle, simple design, floats!. Great for them canoe trips up the Katherine Gorge. Holds a great edge too.

    I recently got interested in making knives myself, and started reading forums like this. Still accumulating equipment in the shed, but for now I have been practising the skills by picking up old kitchen knives at Op Shops and grinding them, buffing, etc. Still a rank amateur, but having a lot of fun. I have four finished blades and a tomahawk I made up after accidentally got hooked on the idea after reading a forum about modding the Trailhawk on a US site.Started with a cheap Diamond brand head, and now have a purty little tomahawk. (Unfortunately it's rubbish steel, but it's not bad around camp, and it was good grinding practice.

    So that's me. Sorry guys, I probably won't bring that much to the table, but after spending ages sucking information of this site and sites like it, I thought it was time to show some support, and I'll contribute what I can.

    Anybody want to see a beginners handywork?

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    Welcome to the site mate.
    It would be great if you could post some photos of your work.


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      Welcome to the forum.

      Of course we want to see pics of your work!
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        Welcome aboard.
        Stewart Townsend
        Australian Knifemakers Guild

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        Two knives.
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          Thanks all for kind words. I've posted some pics in the gallery.


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            Welcome to the forum mate!
            Australian Knife Magazine


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              Welcome to the forum.

              I am sure you find the locals friendly and very helpful.


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