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    Hello My friend
    My name is Johann Vilhjalmsson and im a Guns and knifemaker here in the other end of the world, it is a long way from my over to you so I will intidute my
    here in your forum,the gunsmiting an knife smiting is more like a hobby for my because I work all the week in the big out doorshop here in Reykjavík and selling guns and
    eqipmet for hunters, but I have my own web page and facebook Icelandicknives & Im a 57 years old and I learn my handwork in the old schole in Liege belgium
    Ecole d'Armurire and stay ther fore a 4 years.
    Thanks Johann Vilhjalmsson
    In Reykjavík Iceland

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    welcome to the forum, you have some beautiful work there, i'm sure you'll be able to ad some valuable insight.


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      Fantastic work Johann, welcome aboard.
      Cheers Keith
      ABS Journeyman Smith

      your mind is like a parachute..... it only works if it is open


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        Welcome to the forum Johann


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          Welcome to the forum.
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            Good to see you here Johann. I used to fly with a lot of Icelanders when I worked for Air Atlanta.

            You sure grow pretty girls there!
            "If you don't like my peaches, don't you shake my tree." Doc Watson


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              OK thanks for your words , friends over there, Bernoulli thanks and maby you know my friend Geiri Perri ( 'Asgeir Guðmundsson) he was merried on of the girls in Air Atlanda (Ragnheidur) and tei merriesd in one of the plain from Atlanda over Nordpolen I was there


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                Welcome Johan

                You sure have some nice knives there.

                Lovely simple clean lines.

                I am sure you will find lots in common with our knifemaker members here!


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                  welcome aboard!