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    G’day !! Just a quick note to introduce myself.

    My name is Cameron and I am into paracord. I started out with paracord learning the basics and moved into decorating axe handles, walking sticks and a few other items. I became disgruntled when I couldn’t get supplies of paracord in the colours that I wanted because they were out of stock or I could only get cheaper Chinese paracord which really was not suitable as it stretched and was poor quality.

    I really thought about this and thought that there must be other ‘ozzies’ looking for a wide range of colours. I did some homework and started off a small home based business selling genuine USA manufactured paracord which is exceptionally strong, versatile and has a great range of colours. This paracord is modelled after US military issue 7 strand kernmantle style 550 cord which was used originally for the suspension lines in parachutes.

    550 Paracord is the standard issue cord used in the US military. It is also a favourite with outdoor enthusiasts and is ideal for any survival situation. 550 Paracord is mildew resistant, will not rot, lightweight and extremely strong and tested to 550lb. It has 7 strand inner twist nylon.

    For me, genuine USA 550 paracord is the best for any survival situation. I now primarily sell 550 paracord and also braid up specialised rifle slings, survival belts, leads and like to decorate handles with Turks Head knots. I haven’t tried decorating knife handles but after looking through some of the gallery photos, can visualise how great some of these knives would look. My primary focus is dealing in paracord and offer fast service, postage and communication. I stock nearly 70 different colours and they are available in any length.

    I realise this is my first post and am not trying to sell anything but to let you all know if you are looking for any supplies of paracord, please feel free to send me a message. Hopefully I can post some photos of my work that fits in with this forum.

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    Welcome to site Cameron.
    It would be great if you post some photos of your work.


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      Thanks - am working my way through all the info and will post some photos. I appreciate your welcome.


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        Hey Cameron, welcome to the forum!

        +1 would like to see examples of your work. There are lots here that LOVE to play with paracord!

        You may want to consider getting your own sub-forum in the Business Park, you'll have to talk to Gajinoz for pricing etc (now I'm selliing - LOL!)

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          Welcometo forum, there are a few knot knuts here. Checkout this page.
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            Moving this to the correct place.
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              Hi Cameron

              Welcome to the forum.

              Why don't you go to the Gallery and post images of your work. They don't have to knife related.

              Feel free to offer your wares for sale but you will have to become a Forum Supporter or upgrade to a Dealer membership.

              Regards Dutchy

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                Welcome aboard Cam!

                Good to see you found it ok! Lookin forward to seeing some photo's also!


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                  Thanks Danny, Really appreciate you giving me the details to the site and have found the photos of decorated knives very interesting


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                    Welcome to the Forum.

                    +1 request for pics of your work.


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                      welcome aboard!