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  • Hello ABF

    Hi ABF,

    I have casually browsed the forum for a while. Some impressive works on show, and useful information. My dad had a small but nice knife collection, and he would have loved this forum - picking up useful and obviously well designed and executed handy-works, as well as helpful advice on metal and scales refurbishment, hones, leatherwork etc.

    A mate - Nulla - first introduced me to the forum earlier this year. Nulla posted on his fine knapped stone knives, to some deserved applause. I know Nulla well, and taught him how to knap.

    I have been knapping since 1993, and taught hundreds of people the basics of percussion and pressure flaking. I have joined the forum to further promote flaked stone technology. If there is any interest I am happy to post pictures of my work.

    I am very pleased to see that other folks are out there doing stuff, making odd but beautiful things - and that they have a friendly place to meet, show and tell.


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    Welcome to the forum mate


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      Welcome aboard. You might not be able to post pic straight away but I am looking forward to seeing them.
      Alistair Phillips
      Spare time knife maker - Designer of the Spyderco Kapara


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        Welcome to the forum Retouch.

        Another knapologist - hmm, very interesting...
        Australian Knife Magazine


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          Welcome, fascinated by the art of knapping .Do not own any knapped knives but have looked at getting an obsidian one a few times.
          Wouls like to see some of your work.
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            Welcome retouch

            I am sure you will fit in real well here.

            I for one am very interested in Flint Knapping and would love to see some of your work.

            Please go to the Gallery and post some images.

            Regards Dutchy

            Australian Military Knives

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