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    MY names Nick and I'm 19, living in Sydney. Only recently did I begin looking at knives after my mate bought a couple of spydies, now I'm obsessed. I have a swiss army knife and am currently looking to make my first knife purchase. Lots of browsing and researching has been done and I have begun to narrow my choices. I am looking to continue learning about blades and to expand my knowledge on these fine tools. Also, I am keen to learn how to sharpen/maintain a blade properly, a skill I'm very keen to acquire.

    That's all from me for the moment, time to enjoy a roast dinner


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    Gday Waddo, what are you thinking of getting ?

    Spydies would be a good start, are you keen on fixed blades at all ? As for sharpening, get your self a cheap stainless steel kitchen knife from kmart or target and practice on that first would be my suggestion. Sharpening blades is lots of fun when done carfuly and with saftey in mind. But use a cheapy blade to start out with and learn the geometry of different grinds, ie convex, flat, scandi, sabre etc.

    Good place to start with sharpening at abf is the tips and tricks section.

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      I'm thinking of getting an Al Mar Shrike, very nice lightweight EDC blade. Very keen on fixed blades, TBH I actually prefer them, although I want to start off with an EDC and folders seem easier. I'm very interested in getting a Kanetsune Tsumi, but this will be in the future, after I have some experience taking care of a blade.

      My friend mentioned doing that, will have to give it a try.

      Thank you for the information and your guidance (:


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        Welcome to the forum Waddo, once you get the addiction it never ends... I am having a knife in down at my place in January (19th-20th) You would be welcome if you are interested in coming.
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        Stay Sharp!