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    Just joined and already I'm very alarmed. I've scanned some of the threads and checked out some of the custom knives being made here and already my wallet is starting to twitch. Not sure I can afford the temptation of being a member here...

    It's all very bad timing as I'm about to have my first baby in a few months and really can't afford it.

    I'm not really a knife collector - although most who know know me would argue otherwise - am more into knives to be used. Love the outdoors and camping.

    Currently I've got a number of folders (trying to get everything while I could) especially spyderco, some Bark Rivers, Fallknivens etc. Looking at the custom knives though I'm already working out which production items I can sell.

    My recent proudest moment has been learning how to sharpen convex edges.

    Looking forward to going to the Knife Show this year, and finding that "perfect" custom knife. And who knows, maybe one day I'll make the jump to making my own...

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    Welcome to the forum.
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      No hope for you. You are hooked

      Oh welcome

      Inside every old man is a young man wondering what the hell happened.

      Pictures of knives I have made/worked on.


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        i too was once like you. all you can do is surrender to the edge and pray for the best lol


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          Welcome to the Forum mate, and good luck fighting those urges, and see you at the Show!

          Congrats on the baby, make sure you let us know when you become a Daddy!?
          Australian Knife Magazine


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            Welcome aboard.
            Stewart Townsend
            Australian Knifemakers Guild


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            One knife.
            Two knives.
            The plural possessive is knives'.


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              Welcome to the forum