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  • Greetings ABF

    I've had a long running interest in precision metal objects - knives, flashlights, pens etc. Mainly smaller folding knives - like wouldn't it be great if these things I'm struggling to tear through using a key or pen could be cut with a sharp tool.

    I remember going back 10 years or so when you could import just about any knife and the only thing to worry about was finding a vendor who shipped internationally didn't charge an arm and leg for it. Then as our postal customs grew more and more vague and inconsistent, I found myself wishing there was a local resource for knife related information. This was a few years ago and back then the only Australian knife forum was Laventrix. Laventrix rejected my forum registration/application even though it didn't ask for any specific information, maybe my username just wasn't cool enough. It also seemed to me that a lot of the posts on Laventrix went along the lines of "I'm right you're wrong because I've been around longer and more people like me than you" so in the end I wasn't too disappointed about not "getting in" there.

    Recently I've had some time to get back into the hobby and came across ABF which seems like a great community. I was especially excited to see participation from so many local knife makers, maybe in the near future I won't need a plane ticket to buy knives.

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    Welcome to the Forum.There are a lot of top people here bloke.
    Have to admit,I was a member of Laventrix and never had a drama.there were good people there but only took a few negative ones to kill it off.
    Enjoy your stay mate.

    God sat back and said,Pauls,what is the meaning of life bloke?


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      Welcome to the Forum mate.

      I can assure you, that though many of the familiar faces are here from Lav, this forum is truely a friendly environement. This is why we attract so many ammeture to top level knife makers from Aus and from all over the World!
      Australian Knife Magazine


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        Welcome along mate.