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My name is Ben and I am a knifeaholic...

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  • My name is Ben and I am a knifeaholic...

    Well, I collect knives. I bought my first knife when I was 7 and we were living on tiny sand dune island off the coast of Holland. Boys need a knife out there. Latest purchases: Grohmann #3 Boat knife, Enzo Trapper S30V Scandi, Mora Companion F... and many more to follow. Basically I am looking for the perfect knife. I need help. That's why I am here! Greetings, Ben.

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    Welcome, Ben. You won't get any help here, I don't think anybody has found their perfect knife.


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      What he said and Welcome

      Inside every old man is a young man wondering what the hell happened.

      Pictures of knives I have made/worked on.


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        Welcome to the forum Ben.
        Unfortunately, the only help you'll get around here - is helping you keep your wallet empty!

        PS. Let us know when you've found your perfect knife? I'm still looking for mine, but then it's only been half a lifetime...

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          Welcome to the forum.

          The perfect knife only lasts as long as it takes to find the next perfect knife.
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            Welcome aboard
            Stewart Townsend
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            One knife.
            Two knives.
            The plural possessive is knives'.


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              The perfect knife is all of them, at the moment I can't get up the courage to sell any of mine I have made.
              Even though some people have enquired about some. Have about a dozen almost finished, just need handles.


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                Welcome aboard.

                OMG !! you got a knife when you are 7?
                Your parents (as well as mine and most others here) are so irresponsible!
                Strewth! giving knives to children! before you know it they'll grow up become career criminal..
                Tell me your first knife is not a one handed opening folder is it? a Balisong?
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                  Hi Ben

                  Welcome to the Forum!!

                  Nice to have a Netherlander with us.

                  I am sorry but I do not know what a Knifeaholic is! My wife says that I am one, but I know that I can stop any time. And I will, once my collection is complete.

                  There is always room for one more knife.


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                    G'day Ben we might have to change the name of the forum to KAA( Knife Addicts Anonymous) and start a 7 step programs to help all the poor Addicts who can't help themselves.
                    I think the first step is 1. Sell your knives to me.
                    Will worry about other steps after you've all completed the 1st one.
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                      No no no... First step is to GIVE your knives away, for you need to free yourself from the addiction . I will hold them for you but welcome...


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                        Welcome to the forum Ben...

                        Originally posted by Knife mad View Post
                        I think the first step is 1. Sell your knives to me.
                        You couldn't afford it mate...!
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                          Welcome mate


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                            Howdy *waves*


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                              Hey Ben, welcome aboard. Sadly I made the perfect knife last week but I sold it. Hehehe.
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