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  • Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, my names Wooey and I'm new to the forum. I'm from Wagga Wagga NSW. Really keen to get start making my own knives. If there's any other knife makers around Wagga Wagga area that would be willing to show me a few things and give me some advice on getting started it would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers Wooey

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    Welcome aboard.

    I think John F is up the road from you.

    There is a lot of information on the forum for budding Knifemakers.

    What are you thinking about? stock removal or forging.
    Stewart Townsend
    Australian Knifemakers Guild

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      Hi Wooey

      Welcome to the forum!

      I am sure that you will find plenty of help from the very able makers on the forum.


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        Welcome to the forum


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          Welcome to the forum. I travel to Wagga every now and then. Maybe you can buy me a beer some time.
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