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g'day every one!

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  • g'day every one!

    so i mananged to discover this site! it seamed pretty great so i joined!
    a little about me, so i dig my knifes, they are just so handy : ) it all started when i was yonger but never had any money to buy any, now im working and no longer a apprentice i have a little money to spend! i use my knife every day at work and at home, so i figured might as well do it in style!!!

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    Welcome Jazza

    Hope you enjoy your visits here.

    What is your particular interest??

    Regards Dutchy

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      Hey Jazza, welcome to the forum. What knife do you use at work, how do you find it...?
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        Welcome aboard
        Stewart Townsend
        Australian Knifemakers Guild

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          hey !
          im into folders round 2.5-4ish inches, i use them for pretty much anthing that needs to be cut, like rope rope rope lol, plastic wrapping on pallets, rubber, cloth, corrogated conduit, and that think as hell flex conduit (u know that dark gray stuff, that i think every one hates alot! hahah) that stuff its round 4-5mm think and tuff as hell, a sharp knife beats the hell out of using stanleys lol
          at the moment in using a serrated spyderco salt 1 whick is doing well : ) befor that i was using a 3/4 serrated spyderco native, that was great to!
          ive got a shallish folder that i reshaped to a concave'd blade face for cable stripping and its great, works like you wouldnt belive!!