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G'day everyone.

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  • G'day everyone.

    G'day everyone. I'm Dan. I'm 52 years old, recently widowed with an adult daughter (sort of). I grew up and lived mostly in the country. So hunting, fishing, camping (being feral) was pretty much a daily occurrence. My parents used to have to try and get me inside the house.

    I have way too many hobbies, but unfortunately due to chronic health issues, I don't get to enjoy them anywhere near as much as I would like. I have always liked to do and make things for myself and be as self reliant as possible. I love woodworking and metalworking and decided I would like to dive down the rabbit hole of knife making. Not for sale, just for fun.

    I have been tinkering with sand and lost wax casting for a few years now. So I have most of the things I need to make a gas forge and I am currently looking around for an anvil. I have bought high carbon steels etc from Nordic Edge, Artisan Supplies etc... I just haven't got around to doing anything yet, partly due to health and partly due to a shed/workshop still chockers with full moving boxes. Although I am starting to see some floor again.

    Anyway. That's me. I'm looking forward to annoying you all with questions in the near future.


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    Welcome to the forum. Click on the newbies info button up top there for some fireside reading.

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      Welcome to the forum
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        Welcome to the forum mate๐Ÿ‘


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          Welcome Dan ๐Ÿ–


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            welcome aboard Dan, we look forward to seeing your creations when you get the chance


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              Gidday Dan welcome to ABF
              wave man AKA Dean
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                Welcome sir.