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Hello knife fans!

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  • Hello knife fans!

    New here, but not new to knives, swords or related forums.

    Pretty much joined up as im really liking knives alot more lately, mainly due to my work reasons. Im a huge sword fan and my interests in martial arts and Japanese post modern history sorta all go hand in hand.

    Work in a tough environment when i use my knife more than a handful of times each day.

    Got a recent import siezed so looking for other options from experienced people.

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    Welcome to the forum Joe. What sort of work do you do? Would love to see pics of knives at work or some stories at least .

    Avoiding Customs Seizures is really simple these days - buy locally! Plenty of choices in the exchange forums usually. Or better yet, get one of the local makers to make you something specific to your needs?
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      Never thought of getting something custom! Maybe thats a solution to my problems.

      Im a break down mechanic in the biggest open pit mine in WA