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  • Tigerhunt

    Hi everyone, I'm just new to the site so just wanted to say G'day. I was a probationary member of the AKG about 10 years ago but as circumstances changed I haven't made any knives since. I have just ordered a new grinder, (the wheels on my old one fell to pieces), and when it and my raw materials arrive I hope to extract my digit and see what I can come up with. Hope to enjoy your company soon.

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    Look forward to seeing your work


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      Welcome aboard.

      You probably started leaving the AKG as I was joining.
      Stewart Townsend
      Australian Knifemakers Guild

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      One knife.
      Two knives.
      The plural possessive is knives'.


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        Welcome Tigerhunt

        I am sure you will enjoy your visits here.

        Plenty people who are very generous with their knowledge to help you get back in the swing.

        Looking forward to you putting up some images of your new knives in the gallery just as soon as you can!


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          Welcome to the forum Tigerhunt


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            Hi Stewart, Every time I try to view the AKG site I keep being cut off by advertising after about 30 seconds. I have tried about 5 times, scanned for viruses and malware between attempts, get rid of any tracking cookies, and then as soon as I log on, the ads come back again. Any ideas?


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              Tiger, the same thing is happening to me.
              it would appear that there is something wrong with the guild website.
              ZJC Australia - Custom Knives and Sheaths