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  • Greetings all


    I stumbled across this forum while researching ways to make a foundry (specifically propane burners) and it re-ignited my interest in smithing.

    I have very limited blacksmithing experience from when I was much younger, but have a recently and decently kitted out man cave, and a good grounding metal work in general.

    I collect knives, my interests are changing from military hardware (Extrema Ratio, SOG, Gerber etc) to custom made and one off production knives.

    Having a look through the "For Sale by Maker" section has really inspired me to get into the craft, so I am here to learn, and hopefully be able to produce something so beautiful as I've seen posted there.

    I am located in Tasmania, and I work and live in/near Hobart city, which makes things hard when I can't use my man cave for anything noisy past 7pm, though I am thankful for the little time I do get.

    So that's me, if anyone else is located in the area who is just starting also, or who would like some free labour around the shop in exchange for some tips, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks for reading,

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    Welcome to the forum.

    There are 2 or 3 others from Tassie on the forum, I'm sure they'll find you eventually.
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      Hey Tom,
      I'll stay clear of any Tassie jokes, and just welcome you to the forum mate!
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        Another Tasmaniac!
        I'm up the Derwent Valley...I too have messed with metal for a long time and meddled with knives a little but I'm getting deeper into it.
        I've got a background in metalwork and engineering design although in post GFC Tasmania I now drive a schoolbus....
        Would love to catch up sometime, might even be opportunities to combine shipping on steel one day...


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          Welcome aboard
          Stewart Townsend
          Australian Knifemakers Guild

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            Welcome to the forum! If I can do anything to assist with your propane burner build, technical info or troubleshooting or anything just ask.
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              Thanks for the replies everyone. I will start posting some worthwhile content when I actually start hammering our some knives. They will be rough as guts to start, but can only get better from there...right?


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                Welcome to the forum and i hope you have fun here


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                  Welcome mate


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                    Another Tasmanian on the forum, woo yeah! Welcome mate. I think you'll find this place to be a fantastic source of info, it's full of helpful and knowledgeable people.


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                      Originally posted by gajinoz View Post
                      I'm sure they'll find you eventually.
                      He's right we'll find you.

                      Welcome to the site mate. This place is full of knowledgeable people who are always willing to share their wisdom.


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                        Excellent, that makes three other people from Tasmania I have sent PM's to you all.

                        My next project is a new work bench (to sit all my tools on that are currently on the ground), and hard facing the 90mm thick plate of mild steel that I picked out, roughly already anvil shaped.

                        Long weekend coming up, I might even have a piss poor attempt at a knife forged out to show you all soon.