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    Hi All,
    it's great to find there's an Aussie chapter to bladeforums.
    I've been into knives since I received my first victorinox at 6 years old and have never lost the interest.
    My main interest is in scandi grinds, but I've just ordered my first spyderco. I've put it off for too long!

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    Hello mate and welcome to the forum.

    I think the Spyderco bushcrafter is a scandi grind? Still one of the most comfortable blades in the hand I've ever tried.

    That's the thing with Spydies. You can't stop at one.

    Good to have you here and be sure to post photos of your new purchase when you get a chance.
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      Welcome to the forum and i hope you have fun here


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        G'day mate

        Add me on Facebook for all of the latest updates on my work and available knives


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          Haha Hey buddy!
          Good to see you on here. I am just about to etch my mark on your custom. Good to see you on here, I know you have plenty to contribute!
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          Stay Sharp!


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            Welcome aboard.
            Stewart Townsend
            Australian Knifemakers Guild


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