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    Gday, my name is Anthony. I live in Flagstaff , Arizona. I am a part time knife maker ( novice ) and a collector of world wide wood.
    I started out knife making with standard nicholoson files and slowly graduated to O1,cpm154,sv30. I am very familiar with O1 but the others im still learning the heat treating proccess. I mainly do stock removal. I love Aussie wood. I have made a few from vasticola,york gum, birds eye mulga,red morrell,black morrell ( if I can find a nice piece), rib mallee burl-I think its also known as corrugata burl? I wanted to here and listen to some folks from a different continent and maybe make some friends and wood connections. Any one have a few nice curly ringed gidgee they want to sell or trade??
    Im interesting in viewing some Aussie period pieces and their history. I thank you -Ant

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    Re: Hello Mates

    Welcome to the forum
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      Re: Hello Mates

      Thank You for the greeting: Ant