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  • Hello Everybody

    Hello Everybody.
    I'm new to Knife Making, I discovered Damascus a few years ago and decided that I wanted to have a crack at it, anyway it didn't take much and now all I want to do is quit my job and make Damascus and knives, but don't worry, that is not happening anytime soon, I have pay for all those tools and steel..and rent somehow!!

    I just wanted to say hello and ask are there many other knife makers in or close to Canberra? I have purchased steel from Karim, but who else is out there that is into Damascus? So Many other knife makers nearby?


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    Hiya Andrew Welcome to ABF I think there is a few others here from Canberra and i look forward to seeing your Damascus Knives


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      G'day Andrew,

      There are quite a few of us around Canberra. I live about as far away from Karim as you can in Canberra but it still isn't too far away. I haven't been making any Damascus aside from a few attempts at Karim's place. I have been using some damasteel and stainless Damascus done by Chad Nichols. They both turn out great.


      BTW we have been having a few local get together's recently let us know if you would like to come along. I think the next one is planned after the Melb show
      Alistair Phillips
      Spare time knife maker - Designer of the Spyderco Kapara


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        Hi Alicia,
        Thanks for the welcome.
        Check out my profile pic... and the avatar pic ended up becoming that blade. The shameful part is it's the first and it does not have a handle on it yet..


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          Hi Alistair,

          Thanks for warm welcome;
          I figured there were a few people around, I'm still new to this myself, my first damascus billet was about 16 layers and I didn't cut or re-stack. And that is the knife on my profile pic.. and I still haven't put a handle on it yet.

          I'd love to come to a weekend bash.. let me know what to bring. Steel.. Gas... Forge.



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            Welcome to the forum.

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              Welcome to the forum mate, Great to see another maker come online.

              I think Canberra has more knife makers per head of population than any other city... most probably thanks to Karim, for getting so many people down there into it.

              I am up in Picton so just a few hours away. We have a meet in April, a few of the boys from Canberra may be coming up for it (last I heard). You would be most welcome.
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                Wow thanks for the invite..
                You guys are all very quick to respond and friendly, it looks like I have not only have found something interesting to do but seems like there are some pretty decent people doing it too.

                Yeah I have not been to one of Karim's courses but I thought about it and the prices have gone up I think so he must have a market for it.



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                  Thanks again for the welcome.


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                    I love Damscus also. Hope to see some finished blades soon!