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    Hi Folks, been on here a little bit and thought I'd better introduce myself...I'm just starting to work with metal after working with clay for over 30yrs..the change is good and some of the technology, materials and equipment in the heating side of things cross-over nicely....just need keep things a little cooler than the usual stoneware temp of 1300deg that I'm used to...this is a great forum and I hope to burn up a few hours on here and one day post pics of my attempts...currently working on setting up a small ceramic fibre forge and relining a hand blower forge with firebricks / adobe ..then I'll be able to get serious...ATB...Paul

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    Re: Introduction

    Welcome to the forum.
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      Re: Introduction

      Welcome Aboard.

      Looking forward to seeing your 'cross-over' work as you perfect new skills and apply old ones in new ways? :thumbup:


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        Re: Introduction


        No doubt you'll find plenty of useful stuff in the custom garden.
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