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  • NAHC Heritage series

    This is my first time on the forum, and i am at a quandary about a certain knife, and i thought that someone out there might be able to help. I recently purchased a cabinet with 7 of the 8 original knives in it, and my thinking was that i would be able to fill the hole with no problems....wrong. I have been scouring the internet for a month, putting the wood on all the dealers i thought might be able to help....all to no avail.
    The missing knife is a Grohmann form NAHC Hunting Heritage Collection. If there is anyone out there that can assist me in purchasing one of these, i would be most grateful.
    Next time i am on i will go into my profile in more detail. I am basically a HUGE schrade collector

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    Re: NAHC Heritage series

    Hello mate, nice to see you here. Sorry I can't help with your quest, but I'll keep an eye open at the outdoor stores in case I see something.


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      Re: NAHC Heritage series

      G'day Bladerunner,

      AKC sell Grohmann knives, maybe Keith can help?

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        Re: NAHC Heritage series

        Thank you for the advice, and ongoing help. I am probably being a little impatient, as i always want things to happen now. I have quite a few irons in the fire in the US, so maybe something will happen from there.

        Just a quick insight into my collecting....i have been collecting knives for about 3 years, when i brought a "bunny " knife from AKC, to replace one i had as a kid. From there a brought a few more from OZ, and my collection grew to about 30. I was content with what i had, until a mate introduced me to Schrade, and that is when the fun began. I now have several hundred(mostly Schrade), and am trying to slow down, but it is hard when you keep looking, and see something that you really have to have.
        I get a great delight from the;
        * Ducks Unlimited (have quite a few in Walnut boxed, Stamp series..but need a few more)
        * NAHC
        * 49er series
        * Barlow' name a few.
        My favorites are;
        * Burnt Stag handles(the fatter the better), and Cobalt Blue scales.
        I have only heard about this site recently(thank you Larry), and when i get my act together, have a couple of crackers to show the Forum.