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  • Hello from Great American Desert

    Well, it would appear that you accept Yanks, so here I am, an old man in the Tongue River country of northeast Wyoming. I started out collecting Schrades about five years ago and have a few (heehee), but also a smattering of valuable and worthless items from nearly every cutlery genre. Modern "tactical" thumbstud and auto type knives occupy the very tiniest part of my inventory; I love the old stuff the best. I hope to show off a few if anyone is interested. I am looking forward to viewing this new forum; just learned about it last night from crazy Larry, a man after my own heart. I will have to brush up on Oz legalities, as I have a few buckets full of knives to sell or trade. Here in Wyoming, there are NO laws regarding knives and NO laws regarding firearms except we can't take them into bars or government buildings. And we can't trump Federal laws regarding machine guns. Ah... I didn't want a machine gun anyway; I couldn't afford the ammo. Most of us here think that that bad people are a problem, but inanimate objects, not so much.

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    Welcome to ABF mate , your posts on BF have always been very informative and i have seen part of your collection , i'm sure that many here would like to see it also , also looking forward to seeing your exchange bucket hopefully its full of Schrade & CSC...


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      Welcome along, bring on the pictures!


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        Welcome buddy. I really envy your laws where you live.

        I just looked up where you live... WOW very beautiful part of US!
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          Welcome. I love the Wyoming philosophy and look forward to your pictures of some great old collectible knives.
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            Welcome aboard mate. Lookin forward to having a peek in your bucket!
            Cheers Keith
            ABS Journeyman Smith

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              Welcome to ABF. There are a few Schrade collectors here but no better ,IMO, than
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                Welcome to ABF And i look forward to seeing your collection and what you plan to sell


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                  Welcome mate, please do post those pictures!

                  Hope you guys in Wyoming are fighting Obama's watering down of the constitution via unconstitutional executive orders, I thought he was originally elected first term on the basis he was going to protect the constitution (greatest document ever written IMO) & kick Goldman Sacks out of treasury? Much like our leaders here, once elected, they do the exact opposite to what was promised hey?

                  Good luck keeping your firearms over there, we lost our rights thanks to a lunatic on meds as well.... At least you have some state level protection.



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                    Welcome to ABF!
                    Looking forward to some pics and stories!


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                      Welcome mate. Hope to see a few pictures of your collection.

                      Don't mind our sarcastic Aussie humour, its OK to have a dig once in a while. (The good ones we call Yanks, the bad ones "Septic Tanks" lol)
                      And we do envy your ability to carry your knives and guns around.

                      Bring on the pictures.